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How to view blurred content of websites

How To View Blurred Text On Websites- Best Practices

If you’re having trouble with How To View Blurred Text On Websites you’ve come to the right place. By following a few simple steps, you’ll be able to solve the problem permanently. So, let’s get started!

The first and most apparent question that comes to mind is, “Why do websites do this?” There are certain academic-related sites or sites that may belong to other genres, that actively hide their premium content so that it may only be viewed after acquiring a subscription or just to hide their premium content.

Why does a Website blur its content?

Considering providing a solution without discussing the real reason isn’t often sufficient, we’ll take a quick look at why websites hide their material.

Some websites blur their content for various reasons, the most prevalent of which is to prevent visitors from accessing premium information.

This is a typical practice on academic websites. They will not blur the introduction section so that users can see that they have the content.

And as students visiting a website in search of research data or answers to queries, you’ll be enticed to subscribe once you’re satisfied that they offer the stuff you’re looking for.

Chegg, Researchgate, Coursehero, TutorBin, and plenty of other websites containing a lot of blurred writing are among the most popular.

That said, it’s critical that I warn you that the method I’ll be explaining for viewing blurred text on websites may or may not work on all websites.

But one thing is certain: it works for the vast majority of them. This is because certain websites are utilizing the most recent algorithm.

And this algorithm is powerful enough to keep any intrusion on their premium material at bay.

How To View Blurred Content Of Websites? Fix

How To View Blurred Text On Websites in this paragraph we solve your all issue regarding this.

The “Inspect” tool of the desktop is the best and easiest technique to eliminate the text blur. To do so, open the text or document on the desktop and use the right-click button to unblur it.

How to view blurred content of websites

When you right-click different options, you can view them, but you must choose Inspect from among them. You can inspect the source code of a text, page, paragraph, document, and so on. If you know how to code, you can even make changes, remove secret code that has locked the page, and do a lot more.

How does Inspect Tool Works For Unblurred Content?

The steps for using the “inspect” tool to view the blurred text on web pages are outlined below. It may appear difficult at first, but if you give it enough time, you’ll figure it out.

To get to the examine option, right-click on the text, content, or page you wish to unblur and select inspect.

To do so, you must first open the text, page, file, or documents that you want to unblur. As we stated in the preceding paragraphs.

To access the magnificent “inspect” option, simply move your mouse and right-click on the content (exactly on the blurred text).

You’ll view the source code of that blurred text after clicking the examine tool (on the right-hand side).

Then, check for p>…/p> and repeat the process three times in a row. To put it another way, you’ll have to repeat the line.

You’ll find a script code in the format: div class= “sample-preview-blur”> immediately after this option after you’ve repeated the above line three times.

Once you’ve discovered this code, you’ve discovered the concealed or source code that’s been utilized to restrict you from fully accessing the content in question.

You should replace the script code with ‘none’ in lieu of the sample preview blur’.

Alternative Method To View Blurred Content On Websites

“Is there another method to unblur a text?” you could wonder. Then yes is my answer. On certain websites, you can unblur the text without inspecting the option, and on others, the inspection option may not work.

Another option is to purchase a membership to that specific content or a subscription to whatever service is available.

As I previously indicated, the purpose of blurring the text is to disguise the premium material of unpaid users. If you become a member of the site, you will get access to such texts. After that, you’ll be able to access as much information as you like.

For example, using the system, the script code div class=”sample-preview-blur”> will be rewritten to div class=”none.”

After that, simply press the “enter” key to delete the blurred area or part of the text or article.

Note: If you find this approach for viewing blurred text on web pages too difficult to master, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Viewing Blurred Content Through Inspect Tool Is Legal

Yes, checking a website and gaining access to its data is perfectly lawful. If you’re going to do this with really sensitive data or a design that might be copyrighted, I’d suggest getting permission from the website owner first.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with using only academic knowledge for your studies.

conclusion: How To View Blurred Text On Websites

The two methods of how to view the blurred text on websites that have been presented are the only viable solutions open to you.

Otherwise, you may have to abandon such websites and conduct your research elsewhere.


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